Curse Of A Modern Age (UK edition)

by Method Cell

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ben bulcock An amazing album. Great lyrics and excellent vocals meshed with very catchy beats. Method Cell make such high quality tracks it's difficult to pick a favourite. I love Your Weakness and Conviction, but Curse Of A Modern Age has the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Awesome. Favorite track: Curse Of A Modern Age.
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Following on from the club success of their promo only EP “Scissors”, electro-dandies Method Cell release their début 10 track album “Curse Of A Modern Age” on Rebco Records. From the opening driving bass of “Push”, Method Cell prove there’s more to a club hit than swearing by numbers, and industrial doesn’t have to mean monotone. Combining high energy harmonics and acerbic lyrics with searing bass and beats, “Curse Of A Modern Age” presents the listener with 10 candycoated razor blades. With the obvious club potential of “Push”, “Call It Cutting” and the title track “Curse Of A Modern Age” it’s little wonder they have already supported some of the scene’s great luminaries (such as Combichrist), headlined Slimelight, received BBC radio play and dominated club play-lists throughout the UK - and all within their first year of existence. With their combination of gallows, humour and memorable synth-pop melodies, tracks such as “Scissors” and “Drop Dead” seem certain to guarantee we will be hearing a lot more of Method Cell in the coming years.

Curse Of A Modern Age is a bitter, tongue-in-cheek look into modern life, with “Your Weakness” and “Believe” illustrating that even the highs have a darker consequence. Rather than relying on the stagnant dour misery of many bands within the scene to tell the tail, somehow this duo combine powerful club beats with some of the strongest melodies heard outside of the 80's, wrapping up their scathing vignettes in delectable harmonies and dance-inducing bass lines.

The scene has been crying out for a fresh approach beyond monotonous EBM by numbers and ‘shock for the sake of it’ repetitive lyrics. COMA provides just the shot we need. Method Cell can infect your dance floor.


released September 1, 2010

Alex Herington, Apollos Clifton-Brown



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Track Name: Push
Another futile day marks a pointless week
And tomorrow’s just the same
Another eight hour hell
If hell is a desk where the phones don’t stop ringing
And you're last to leave again
Buying meals for two, half you throw away
You might work like a machine
But at least pretend that someone or something
Knows that you're breathing
Until pity intervenes

Push. Resist. You deserve better than this
You should try to defy, defy, defy.

It’s an old routine - bed at half-past eight
Where sleep's a brief reprieve
With a little luck
The peace that you’re craving just might reign eternal
And you'll never have to leave
Lie awake at 3, seconds pass away
The clock mocks company
And while others sleep
You're damned if you'll lie there and wait ‘til the morning
And drown in apathy

There’s a final act, a straw to set you free
A limit to the game
What pity lacks
So soon is displaced and replaced with a hatred
Where everyone’s to blame
Track Name: Call It Cutting
You can’t fake
You’ve been mass produced
Dress it up - call it cutting
Doesn’t make it new
Careful - it’s just a razor blade
You’re less Dita Von Teese and more her mothers’ hand me down

You’re a poor reflection
And it’ll make a senseless life
But it’s just a shame, you’re the same
And she’s your best friend

You might think
There’s no room for doubt
Strutting round in Primark glamour
With the label inside out
Careful, 'cause the truth still bites
1983 set to repeat

It can’t hurt
I don’t exist to you
Even when I kissed your brother and I didn’t think it through
Careful - it’s still a very long night
It’s bitter sweet, my claws stained with lipstick
Track Name: Curse Of A Modern Age
I can sense that desperation’s near
You’re beside yourself
But you’re pretty dressed in shame
And the pinnacle of fear
Is a little help
In this wasteland of grey

We’re just the curse of a modern age
A new solution that marks a change
Trying hard to capture
The way you’re going to live in rapture
We’re just the poison for modern times
A novel symptom of being alive
Try for ever to delay
Destiny’s decay

Emotions seem to pass
A fleeting glimpse
A face you used to know
But in amongst the mass
And their static lips
Confidence grows

It’s as delicate as glass
You’ll cut yourself
As it crumbles apart
And if we’re to be the last
We’ll find ourselves
Clinging to god
Track Name: Blame Me (The Curse Pt 1)
Is it true, what these rumours say about you
I guess pleasure has it’s pain
Was it me who scratched the surface and made your armour bleed?
All you adored meant even less to me

What you need – I can’t be
Just pretending I’m sorry
What you want – I won’t give
To justify your life
And every scar, no matter how deep
They can’t all be caused by me
But if it helps you sleep at night
You can blame me if you like

Maybe I made things harder than you’d like
But effort’s not your strength
As you saw – I tore your cover exposing every flaw
All you adored meant even less to me

Understand - I’ve done everything I can
I’ve acted every scene
But in the end I broke the cycle
And shattered all your dreams
What you adored – It meant less to me
Track Name: Shout Out (The Curse Pt 2)
Precious thoughts of what it cost you
Doesn’t mean that what you’ve been through
Means any less, It scars the same
Survival’s just the price you paid
Anymore, you wouldn’t pull through
It’s just a mark that always stains you
Darker depths are crowded with the lost
There’s always a cost

If you’re feeling vulnerable
Shout out
Practically invisible
I’ll be the one to guide

Weakened hands, Attempt to cling to
The slimmest chance that fate could see you
And any god, Would heal the pain
and watch the same mistakes again
Every time, The strength deserts you
Just remember what they told you
The wastelands are littered with the lost
There’s always a cost

I can’t pretend, It didn’t cost me
Rather more than I could carry
And if this test, Was played again
I’d sacrifice these weekend hands
And out of spite, Or desperation
I’d find a way to fake salvation
Heaven knows intentions should suffice
But there’s always a price
Track Name: Scissors
Don't you dare to judge me now
Keep your safety guides – it’s more than I’ll allow
You’ve got no right to counsel
Your own life is barely fact
You're so quick to give advice
But I'll just give it back

If you spend all your life running with scissors
Flirting with danger or whatever his name was
It’s not a shock if it seems to come undone
But if you take all the pills and powder you’re given
Wake with the neighbour’s thirteen year old son
You think you've had a good night, a charmed life
And you’ll do it again

Stop. This sentence I revoke
Taste what you prescribe
Now how’s it feel to choke?
Although your house lies shattered
You just can't help throwing stones
You're so quick to give advice
There’s one thing you should've known...
Track Name: Believe
All that you thought you could be (again)
'Cause this life
Fades with each word spent in spite
Of anger and pride

The sense
No matter how I try to make amends
These lies
Still define
Every second spent here by your side
It’s tainted by pride

I still believe
That when you touch my skin
The power gives me life
But I could drown in this ocean
Of negative emotions
When you leave my side

I swore
I’d learn from every mistake made before I tried
But I’m weak
Cracks become the fallacy you seek
We’re back here again

The ghost you left me as before still lingers close
To hand
But the truth
Is still a concept difficult for you
To handle with pride
Track Name: Conviction (Rush_v2)
Every time she corners you to speak
A little part of you dies inside
Every cell of your body strains to leave
This is Suicide
One life. One train wreck.

And out of spite - at least that’s how it seems
You're left alone with that Prozac queen
And desperate times
You'd better dance until she leaves
'Cause you're terrified
One night becomes a train wreck

Feel (now), the body’s conviction
You're in a room with the rush of resurrection
Breathe these blessed days
And let thy will be done

Like a shot with sycophantic ease
Assaults of smiles he'll bleed you dry
Your closest friend, right up until you leave
You're justified
One night. One train wreck.
Track Name: Drop Dead
When you call my name it’s still a shock to me
I thought that you'd forgotten
And then a little pain becomes an injury
A wound that I’d imagine being without

But love’s a brutal lie and tenderness just hurts
So when you turn your back again
Then we'll see who drops dead first

I know you'll never change and I can't concede
I said you’re looking for attention
And when I felt the last of your high speed glass
You banned me from the bedroom & half of the house

We're living separate lives
'Cause you think I'm leaving first
Battles soon become campaigns
So we'll see who drops dead first

This stubborn streak is killing me
But I'm more than simply willing
‘Cause I'm so immersed in seeing you go first
We all need aspirations that we can achieve

They said love will never die
I couldn't think of something worse
These sparks around our fragile lives
We'll just see who drops dead first

Love’s a brutal fight
You always win a war of words
If you walk away again
We'll see who drops dead first

We're living separate lives
Because you think I'm leaving first
If you ever dare to sleep again
It won't be me who drops dead first
Track Name: Your Weakness
Every time that we touch
There’s a shiver sent, an overwhelming rush
A second without pain
But you hide in your room
Guilt belies most everything you do
It’s only a second.

‘Cause the air you breathe
Just seems to poison me
And the faith is running through the floor
A kiss could tell if anything survived
Well I was weak but you were weaker

It’s the same every night
Torn apart then unified by spite
A home littered with mistakes
But the stain on your bed
Marks the line you said you’d never cross again
Betrayal’s the weapon

Did you try to resist
Did he take away a prize that wasn’t his
Did you even ask his name
‘Cause the thrill that you seek
Scars our lives and drains me till I’m weak.
You pushed your limits